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Consignor FAQ

How do I become a consignor?

Click the appropriate link below (new or returning consignor). There, you can easily register to receive your personal consignor number and password. From this website, you will enter the items you will be selling and print off price tags to affix to your items for sale. 

How do I prepare my items for consignment?

*Clothing selected for consignment should be of very good quality, clean, free of wrinkles, and in current style. Be sure to examine clothing for stains or holes/tears. Remember: the closer to “like-new” your items appear, the more likely they will sell and the more you will be able to ask for them.

*Clothing should be pinned securely on hangers, with the hook of the hanger bending to the left (like a question mark). You are welcome to combine multiple items on one hanger to sell together. Tag placed on the right (see above pic)

*Shoes should be in very good condition. Shoes should be securely tied together. (zip ties work great!) - Limit of 7 pairs of shoes per consignor

*Baby gear should be in excellent condition. If the item requires batteries,  fresh batteries should be in place so shoppers can see that it works properly. Be sure to check out to ensure that your items have not been recalled. Recalled items will not be accepted.

How can I identify my boutique brand clothing?

You may tie a piece of ribbon to the top of your hanger. Clothing with this designation will be sold in the Boutique Corner.  Some examples of boutique brands are Matilda Jane, Sweet Honey, MudPie, and Jelly the Pug.  Please note that sale owners will have final decision on what clothing will be placed in the boutique corner. 

How do I price my items?

Here are a couple of helpful pricing guides.  Be sure to ask yourself what you would be willing to pay for the item in its current condition.  Items can be priced in whole dollar or fifty cent increments.

How do I print tags?

After registering with the website, you can log into your account.  Here you will enter each item you will be selling and assign each item a price.  After entering all the items, you will choose the "print tags" option.  Tags need to be printed on card stock to prevent tearing and falling off the item.  When an item is separated from its tag, it becomes unidentifiable and will automatically be donated. 

How do I tag my items? 

Pin and label as indicated in the picture above.

What sizes of clothing do you accept?

You may consign clothing in sizes preemie through junior's.

You may consign infant, toddler, and children’s sized shoes. - limit of 7 pairs of shoes per consignor

What brands of clothing do you accept?

There are no limitations on the brands of clothing that will be accepted. Rather, we are focused on the quality of the item. Ensure that items are clean, free of wrinkles, and in current style.

What non-clothing items can I consign?

Most baby gear will be accepted including highchairs, strollers, baby carriers, exersaucers, jumperoos, activity mats, boppy pillows, bumbo seats (with attached safety straps or tray), car seats (unexpired), diaper bags, nursery/children's bedding, pack and plays, etc.  This year we will be accepting toys that are valued at $5 or higher (play houses, bicycles/tricycles, rocking horses, etc.)  If the toy is not worth at least $5 re-sale price, we will not be able to accept it as we have limited space.  If you are unsure if an item will be accepted, feel free to email us!

What types of items will not be accepted?

-Any recalled items (see, 

-Toys priced less than $5, 

-Stained/soiled clothing, 

-Shoes with excessive wear & tear, 

-Items not related to babies/children/teens

Is there a minimum or maximum number of items I can consign?

You must consign at least 25 items, but there is no maximum limit.

Only 7 pairs of shoes per consignor 

What percentage of my sale prices do I get to keep?

Consignors who tag their own items will keep 70% of the sale price of their items. Consignors who use the tagging services reccomended by Little Bo Peeps will receive 50% of their sales.

What is the consignor fee?

Each consignor will pay a $15 consignor fee. This is used to help pay for the venue and advertising for the sale.  This will be automatically deducted from your earnings check.

When do I drop off my sale items

Please sign up for a drop-off appointment through your MySale Manager account!
Available time slots are: Monday 4/15 3:30pm - 6:30 pm & Tuesday 4/16 10:00 am -12:30 pm

What happens to items that do not sell?

As you enter your items in the consignor website, you will have the option to pick up your unsold items or donate them to charity. Pick up will be SUNDAY, April 21st from 3-5 PM  Because we rent the venue, and must be cleared out by 5PM, ANY ITEMS NOT CLAIMED BY 5PM WILL BE DONATED TO CHARITY

When and how do I get paid?

You will receive a check during pick up on Sunday. If you do not pick up your check on Sunday, your check will be sent in the mail within 1 week of the sale’s conclusion.

Are there any additional benefits to being a consignor?

Yes! Consignors are invited to shop before the general public. 

This consignor sale will be held Tuesday, April 16th from 4-7 PM.

Consignors are also treated to a private discount sale before the public, Friday, April 19th from 5-7PM    

Can I volunteer to shop even earlier?

Details will be available soon!

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